- S074(e)-24 Digital Forensics Reporting Officer (LC8-9)

Police Staff
HQ Crime
LC HQ Crime DMIU Digital Forensics Team - East
Hutton Headquarters
Not applicable
LC 8, LC 9
£33,915 - £41,928
Full Time

Lancashire Constabulary’s HQ Crime DMIU Digital Forensics Team - East  is seeking a Digital Forensics Reporting Officer to be based at Hutton Headquarters.  The site is accessible by public transport and there is also free car parking on site.  

The purpose of this role is to undertake the analysis of evidential data from digital devices, provide evidentially sound expert technical support in matters relating to the investigation of crime with a digital footprint. Provide evidence to the court and judiciary and provide support at crime scenes when necessary. Lead the Digital Forensics Units capability in the production of advanced and bespoke streamlined forensic reporting.  

  • An Experienced Digital Forensics Practitioner, with extensive experience in conducting Digital Forensic Investigations to an advanced level. 
  • A highly competent individual in respect of Digital and ICT based technology. 
  • An experienced professional in producing accurate high quality and in depth Digital Forensic reports. 
  • An experienced individual in conducting Digital Forensics examinations and acquisitions for both computer-based devices and Mobile devices. 
  • Experience in working in accordance with accreditation standards within Digital Forensics/Investigations.  
  • A proven ability to present complex Digital Forensic evidence to a wide range of audiences, including court.  
  • All applicants much be willing and capable of viewing and analysing distressing material such as Indecent Images of Children.  

Candidates applying for Lancashire Constabulary should be aware that the use of online 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI) systems such as ChatGPT to generate application answers is NOT permitted, any candidate found to have submitted an application form using online 'AI' software to generate answers will be removed from the recruitment process with immediate effect. This may result in future applications with the Constabulary also being rejected, based on integrity.

Further details of the requirements and duties of the post can be found on the attached Role Profile.

Upon successful appointment as per the job specification, you will be required to provide your DNA for elimination purposes, this will be held against the Contamination Elimination Database (CED).

Please note, as a condition of your appointment you must undergo and pass MV Vetting. Please be aware there is a minimum 5 year UK residency required for Management Vetting.

The successful candidate must hold a Degree level qualification in Digital Forensics and/ or extensive workplace experience as a practitioner within Digital Forensics. 

Please note, candidates successful at shortlisting will be required to undertake an assessment as part of the interview process. This will consist of an Aptitude and Proficiency assessment.

The successful candidate must be willing and capable of viewing and Analysing distressing material, such as IIOC etc. 

Before you complete the online application, we would advise you to read the attached Information and Guidance documents.


This opportunity is closed to applications.